March 10, 2014

First of March

Here are some of the latest pictures from the first weeks of March!
Checking the lipstick (2/27)
French Toast for the kiddos
Spring cleaning ~ starting from the top (2/28)
Ready to plant ~ c'mon Spring!
Custom monogram ready to paint for the front door!
Bath time (3/1)
Mirror mirror on the wall...
Birthday roses for mama (3/2)
Tutu shopping :)
And beach house accessories at H0meGoods
Music store fun ~ Ethan was buying a ukelele! (3/8)
Beach walk (3/9)
"No matter how long the winter,
spring is sure to follow."

February 27, 2014

One Year!

One year ago today, we saw this precious face
for the first time ~it truly was love at first sight!
One of the most exciting days ever
one we had waited seven years for ~
what an amazing year it's been!!
We are SO blessed!!!

February 25, 2014

This Week

Not much new going on this week, just trying to keep up with pictures.  It's quite redundant, posting the same things I post on IG, not sure I have time for that.  We're not a crazy-busy family, it's just that we're in the mess of painting our house and re-decorating right now, so on top of all the normal everyday, it's just been crazy.
Beautiful roses from hubby! #lovehim

Mommy-daughter matching shoes:)
My latest project ~ whitewashing this bedroom armoire
(left side done here)
I'm happy with how it turned out,
it's brighter and matches the new paint colors better!
Beach pic from yesterday
Leaving the hooligans behind ~ they can't make it
down the beach without throwing each other around:)
{Kiss} {Kiss}
Off to get some painting done ~ have a wonderful week!!

February 14, 2014

Elliot's 11th Birthday!

 And just like that, my baby boy turns 11!!
 Waiting for the birthday boy to wake up ~
he got to sleep as late as he wanted:)
 Opening gifts!
 He got a classic chess set and cash ~ he was a happy boy!
 Making a wish ~
Happy 11th Birthday Elliot ~ we love you!!!

February 13, 2014

Hello February!

Little Yoyo bear loves to draw and color ~ and not just on paper ~
but on walls, furniture, and even herself!
Our second load of firewood for the season.
(Which is now all neatly stacked and ready for next winter:)
Swinging in the backyard ~ one of her favorite things to do!
Morning smoothie ~ fresh apple juice, blueberries & banana!
Feb 5th ~ warm enough for some beach fun!
Beach walking
Can't wait to paint these yellow walls!!
Feb 7th ~ Citrus Pull-Apart Bread ~ yummy!
(Recipe from Southern Living/Feb 2014)
Backyard archery contests
Baby in a basket:)
 Another smoothie ~ this one with coconut water, blueberries, banana and chia seeds!
 Melon-kabobs for my sweeties
 And their favorite ~ Six Minute Vegan Chocolate Cake!
(Thanks Aunt Jude for the heart-shaped baking dish:)
 So happy to find just the right piece!! #house-redo
 Happy Valentine's Day!!

January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year!

 We had a great time celebrating CNY this year with Yoyo!
We pulled out some of the pretty silks
we brought back from China last Spring
 We also celebrated with our local FCC group which was wonderful!!
(Families w/Children from China)
"Happy New Year!!"
We all had dinner together, crafted paper dragons, had a lion dance and a lot of laughter ~ it was such a great time and Yoyo had a blast!!  She enjoyed it all except the large dancing dragon, especially as it got closer to her (even though her brother
was the one under the head:)!
Happy 2014 ~ Year of the Horse!

January 30, 2014

And this ends January

 More bulbs ~ so ready for Spring!
 Someone was having fun with all the things
I was pulling out of the closet while cleaning:)
Love when the kids craft ~ Ethan making stuffies.
 A whale:)
 Playing in B's room in the early morning sunlight
 This is her favorite tutu and she wears it {almost} every day, all day!
 And she sleeps in it too! :)
 She loves reading books
 Yummy Artisan bread that I make all the time
 One of the few ice storms we had
 She loves making "angels"
 Leaving apple peels for our backyard woodland friends
 First (and only) snow!  She gasped and said "Cold!"
 And that ends our first month of 2014!